Property Tax Abatements

Download: Application for Abatement of Real Estate or Personal Property Tax

An abatement is a reduction in the tax assessed on your property. To dispute your valuation or correct any error that caused your tax bill to be higher than it should be, you must file for an abatement. Generally, abatements are granted when taxpayers are able to prove that the fair market value of their property is less than its assessed value. Taxpayers may also receive abatements if their property is entitled to an exemption or is improperly classified. 

Taxpayers may apply for abatement of real estate tax once the actual real estate tax bill is issued. Your application must be filed with the Board of Assessors on or before the due date of the first installment payment of the actual tax bill. This deadline cannot be extended or waived.

If your application is not filed on time, you will lose all rights to an abatement. Filing an abatement application does not stay the collection of your taxes. Your tax bill is still due and must be paid on time. The Assessors have three (3) months from the date of your application to render a decision.

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