Historical Commission

The Washington Historical Commission is our Town’s Local Historical Commission (LHC). Members of Local Historical Commissions are the “official agents of municipal government responsible for community-wide historic preservation planning.” Massachusetts General Law Ch. 40, Section 8D identifies five Massachusetts Historical Commission responsibilities:

  1. Research places of historic or archeological value,
  2. Cooperate with state archeologists in conducting surveys and reporting sites,
  3. Coordinate with other preservation organizations,
  4. Keep accurate records of the LHC actions and file in annual report, and
  5. Maintain a membership of not less than three nor more than five member, duly appointed by the appropriate municipal officer.

Beyond these responsibilities, LHCs are free to undertake many other activities for the purpose of preserving and protecting the historical and archeological assets of the community.

The Washington Historical Commission is comprised of five appointed volunteers, appointed to 3-year terms by the Select Board. The Commission encourages non-member volunteers’ participation in the our projects.

Commission Members

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Gail Ellis