St. Andrews Chapel Commission


Groundbreaking for the St. Andrews chapel began on August 6, 1899, and nine months later it was christened “St. Andrews Church” on June 15, 1900, by bishop William Lawrence. It served for thirty summers as a place of worship for summer residents.

Starting in 1930 the chapel was used as a spiritual sanctuary by young people attending the Bucksteep Manor Conference of the diocese. The chapel was inactive from 1960 until 1977, when the townspeople rallied to preserve it.

The St. Andrews Chapel commission was created, which now oversees the use and preservation of the chapel.

St. Andrews Chapel is located at 801 Washington Mountain Rd, at the entrance to the Bucksteep Manor property.

Chapel Use

 St. Andrews chapel is a non-denominational church which can be used for weddings, funerals, baptisms, and any other individual worship or family services. The chapel is available from May 1st to October 1st and has a capacity of 80 people.

Commission Members

Name Title
Rose Borgnis Chair
Patricia Drugmand
Cindy Taylor
Kinzer Davis
Patricia Thornton
David Ellis